Wall mart goes south

Retrieved April 25, Wall mart goes south South Park turns into a ghost town, and the townspeople decide they no longer want the Wall-Mart in South Park.

Randy then gives a speech about how the Wall-Mart was "us", and that if they want to keep the small town charm, they need to spend a little more. Everyone evacuates the Wall-Mart as it implodes in a similar fashion and possible reference to the house from the movie Poltergeist.

Everyone cheers because Kyle tells everyone that all of these places have a self-destruct sequence if they break a mirror in the back.

Watching it burn, the townspeople vow not to shop there again, and they immediately head to the local True Value no doubt to repeat the same mistake.

In the television department, the boys are confronted by a man who says he is Wall-Marta reference to the film The Matrix Reloaded. However, he does no more than rip off his mustache and jump around. The Deep End of South Park: The boys ask him how they can stop it, and he tells them they need to find and destroy its "heart".

You owe me 5 bucks Kyle. The boys then smash the mirror to "destroy the heart. Everyone in town starts shopping there, due to its bargains. This forces the local businesses to shut down, as well as making some of the now-unemployed residents work there for minimum wage.

Something Wall Mart This Way Comes - Full Episode - Season 08 - Ep 09 | South Park Studios

Stan and his friends arrange a bus trip to Bentonville, Arkansas to stop the Wall-Mart, but are joined by Cartman, whom the Wall-Mart subliminally told to stop them. Chef tells a soldier to spread the word to all the towns on how to destroy these places, in reference to a scene from the film Independence Day.

The Boys are about to enter it when Cartman confronts them with a knife in his hand, and says "Wall-Mart is a great store, I cannot let you fools ruin its terrific bargains. He denies that they knew he was against them, but Kyle angrily begins yelling at him that he knew Cartman was against them all along, while Cartman continues to talk about why he was against them.

He says that he can take "many forms" although he only puts on different costumes. Terrified, he asks them to meet him outside in five minutes.

Kyle agrees and the bet is on.

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

That is the heart of Wall-Mart.Chad's group presentation on Q2 on Walmart Goes South Case. When a giant Wall-Mart comes to South Park, Stan and Kyle must to find a way to destroy the ever-expanding superstore all while keeping Cartman from stabbing them in.

Santamaria 1Wal-Mart Goes South 1. How has the implementation of NAFTA affected Wal-Mart’s success in Mexico? The North American Free Tra.

"Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" is the ninth episode of Season Eight, A Wall-Mart opens in South Park with much fanfare. Everyone in town starts shopping there, due to its bargains.

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as everyone goes with him. ReferencesProduction no.: "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes" is the ninth episode of the eighth season of the American animated television series South Park, and the th episode of. Walmart operates under 69 banners in 27 countries. Learn more about our operations in South Africa.

Wall mart goes south
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