Virgin airlines business plan

SkyTrails will reduce the overall travelling time by at least 1 hour and 30 minutes for passengers flying to and from the city of London, Canary Wharf, and the fast growing Cambridge area.

Boarding and disembarking will be much faster given the low number of passengers. SkyTrails has already obtained landing and takeoff slots at Stansted and JFK airports for its initial flights.

By operating this aircraft type on the transatlantic route, SkyTrails will have significantly lower operating costs per trip. Focusing on a single aircraft type enables the company to minimize the costs of training and maintenance.

The business model contemplated enables the company to reach a break-even point with 40 passengers per flight 50 percent load factor which significantly reduces the risks associated with typical airlines that need a greater number of passengers to break-even.

It will offer customers a compelling value proposition: SkyTrails is a business to business airline. SkyTrails will have a strong Internet presence and will use the Internet for customer interaction as well as internal functions.

This takes into account the start-up costs, the on-going operating costs, the costs of incorporating additional aircraft, and the minimum cash requirements to satisfy the CAA. SkyTrails will capitalise on the widening gap in long-haul travel between business and economy class.

SkyTrails will offer discounts for volume travel and will also partner with select hotels in order to offer all-in packages. Stansted is the fastest growing airport in Europe with 9. New York, Boston, Washington, D. In many ways, the SkyTrails model replicates the benefits of the very successful regional jet model on a long-haul basis.

It is the hub of low cost airlines Go Fly, Ryanair, and Buzz, all of which are experiencing tremendous growth and an increase in business travellers. SkyTrails has hired industrial designer Ric Sloan to work on the interior of the aircraft.

More than just an airline, a lifestyle SkyTrails will differentiate itself as much as possible from the traditional airlines.

This pricing structure will be very attractive for the small and medium enterprises SME who do not have access to large volume corporate discounts with the major carriers. The Internet Maximizing the potential of the Internet will be key in keeping low distribution and administrative costs.

Virgin America (VX)

However, the medium term objective is not to increase capacity on these large routes but rather to focus on medium to low density routes where competitors flying wide-body equipment will not be able to operate profitably. Growth Strategy SkyTrails will initially target the high volume routes in which it will only be a small player and not be perceived a real threat to the larger airlines.

Passengers flying on SkyTrails will identify to a lifestyle. Its ability to acquire corporate clients will be extremely important to the success of the venture.The most important part of your business plan.

x. We were frustrated by cancelled flights and bad customer service experiences with other airlines, To get started on your own business plan, download the Virgin StartUp Business Plan Template.

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Prompted by the introduction in the early s of Virgin's Upper-Class, a business-first product, competitors have had to either improve the quality of their business class (British Airways) or follow suit by eliminating first class services and offering a business-first product (Continental Airlines).

Aircraft with the Virgin America livery are expected to operate into late (the expected completion date for repainting all aircraft in the Alaska Airlines livery).

Airline Company

Virgin America was a California-based low-cost carrier serving more than 20 destinations within the United States and Mexico. Virgin Atlantic makes joint venture with other airlines to their web globally. in differentiation strategy virgin is unique as they provide the in flight music, ice-crème, games, child featuring as well as movies.

Air Leo airline business plan executive summary. Air Leo is a new regional airline aiming at linking Western Europe with the rapidly expanding markets of Southeastern Europe and Turkey/5(64).

Here's how I wrote my first business plan for Student Magazine Image from The headmaster suggested that I air my views in the school magazine, but Jonny Gems and I wanted to set up an alternative magazine with a fresh attitude.

Virgin airlines business plan
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