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However, for the judges there was one clear winner. Should we focus distribution and logistics so that much of the supply chain is outsourced and the business is left with the intellectual capital? Centralisation and the trade-off between sourcing and the cost of distribution, particularly in the Far East, is forcing change and leading to a closer look at Eastern Europe as a bigger potential source of products, manufacturing and supply.

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What differentiated Primark was, say the judges: Primark Published Wednesday 1 December But there were two other highly rated contenders for the Overall Winner trophy — so the judges gave Supply chain management primark place Supply chain management primark BSkyB.

The procurement function has a higher priority and suppliers are under intense pressure to cut costs and accept tougher contract terms at a time when supply chain strategy is assuming new dimensions and the Primark case - contracts were cancelled with an Indian supplier after allegations of labour exploitation - highlights the ethical and monitoring issues and dangers tied to outsourcing in low-cost countries.

Should the manufacturing footprint be simplified? They are cutting across multiple tax jurisdictions and seeing if they can find a way to arbitrage differential tax rates around the world.

Shutterstock Comment By Reuters November 30, How can they decouple taxation and address it as an above-the-line cost? Lister said by starting with its stores and going backwards in the production chain, it was easy for Primark to be confident of what was going on in the 1, supplier factories it uses globally to stock its stores in Britain, Europe and the United States.

Organisations are finding the models they have designed to accommodate complexity are not necessarily the most economic. KPMG decided to test some of the assumptions, surveying firms in the belief that if complexity posed the biggest supply chain issue then simplification would be one of the answers, only to find the more successful businesses felt the answer was not to simplify but construct a chain that would put more emphasis on an ability to manage and increase the importance and contribution from technology.

It all adds up to increasing pressure on management to deliver and implement change. Complicated Chain But he said it started to get trickier to monitor ethical practices moving down the chain to Tier 2 factories producing such items as buttons, zips and fasteners and to Tier 3 factories such as dye houses.

Gordon Colborn, chairman of the judges says: Primark case flags up supply chain dilemma for firms People are looking at procurement in a more mature way as a way to manage the business than they have done in the past. An average 3pc increase reflected a By Belinda Goldsmith; editor: Thomas sees two major themes dominating the whole supply chain arena - cost optimisation and the struggle to cope with the global dimension.

Business advisers see the management issue as crucial to the future. From this list, three companies stood out. The company has delivered excellence through deep relationships with core logistics service providers and the supply chain has successfully enabled the growth of the business by delivering over 40 per cent more volume over the last three years.

The conventional safety kit in the shape of belt-tightening and cost-cutting is being rolled out but the uncertainties about the depth and length of economic turbulence leaves most businesses facing a considerable dilemma. The external market is becoming more and more complex because customers are more sophisticated and have a much wider choice.

The judges were impressed by the changes taking place at BSkyB and recognised the very significant advances the company has made in a challenging market. It is about constantly being vigilant, constantly being out there and knowing what to look for and being forensic. The entire Primark supply chain is managed by eight people, which is achieved through: He said Primark conducted independent, unannounced audits on all factories every year — and had doubled checks on the or so factories it uses in Turkey this year, aware of the possible exploitation of Syrian migrants in the workforce there.

Simon Sperryn, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply CIPSthe professional institution for procurement personnel, is attempting to raise the profile of the organisation and extend its influence at home and overseas - it has 2, members in China - and address the management issues.

The internet is providing them with wider choice but they expect increasing levels of customer service with commensurate reduction in costs. Another company is relocating its European headquarters to Switzerland to take advantage of centralisation benefits for business and tax reasons.

Primark is focused on eliminating waste and has been passionate about simplicity, avoiding the building in of complexity from the outset.

So in restructuring to get the optimum supply chain they are seeking ways to maximise tax efficiency. Should more functions be outsourced?Salary band A- £35, PA plus exceptional civil service benefits package (FIXED TERM TO 31/03/).

David James becomes Primark supply chain director

Although Primark has been transparent with its energy efficiency and waste management, it is clear the value retailer still has some ways to go to ensuring both its supply chain and vast store network become more sustainable. “Change over the last three years has been truly transformational, without turning the business or the supply chain on its head.

Primark case flags up supply chain dilemma for firms

The entire Primark supply chain is managed by eight people, which is achieved through: a lean business model; ‘overhead phobia’ and a virtual business network.

The Primark Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team carries out more than 3, audits a year in the factories making our products. Audits allow us to get a detailed picture of what conditions are like inside both new and approved factories.

Explore career opportunities at Primark now and see if we've got the role for you. Supply Chain Jobs at Primark | Primark Careers Skip Navigation Skip to. Primark case flags up supply chain dilemma for firms. "Supply chain management is not perceived to be one of the more glamorous roles and the talent needed for the job is in short supply.

Supply chain management primark
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