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Stanley Ho, who had a monopoly on gaming in Macau fromdid much for the community as well—he hired Macau residents for top-level management jobs, helped establish transportation to Macau, and other things that made him quite popular in the local community. What were the innovative approaches and practices being considered or used by the organization?

When we think of the casino industry, the first thing that comes to mind is not always CSR. Her paper "Economic Development among the Elephants: Issues and Challenges of Building a Corporate Philanthropy Group" considers cross-cultural issues and the impact of cultural attitudes towards aligning philanthropy initiatives across a global firm.

How Wild Oats Markets set a new standard in retailing and helped build the U. Supporting the Local Enterprise" discusses how a multinational corporation contributes to economic development by investing in local capacity building, an approach that can generate long-lasting benefits to developing countries.

Research papers csr Partnerships with Nonprofits, Retailers and Celebrities to Improve Brand Image and Sales while benefiting the Community" examines the motivation and challenges in evaluating cause marketing programs.

Selection is based on the quality of insight and analysis on the following questions: A New Industry framework for environmental and social standards in global project finance lending", examines the adoption of these principles by the financial sector and the issues that arise from development projects for the company and the community.

She also outlines the. Award winners for Chapter 1 provides an overview of the book after a brief introduction to CSR and the casino business. Chapter 2 provides an excellent foundation for the rest of the book, giving a brief history of CSR and a variety of definitions and debates on the subject.

Projects with consulting firms are also eligible. These awards are provided to students who write papers which: She provides plenty of reasons to doubt whether CSR—when done for strategic bottom-line interests rather than purely ethical reasons—will consistently accomplish what the casinos set out to achieve.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Here, she also contrasts two types of CSR motivation: More recently, casinos have developed their CSR practices strategically in alignment with their PR concerns, which are ultimately aimed at corporate profit, of course.

This book is an interesting contribution to gaming literature in that it combines an excellent overview of CSR literature with a thorough history of gaming around the world, highlighting the diversity of the casino industry. His paper, "The Equator Principles: Strauss notes, " The transition from gangster to community pillar, it seems, was not very difficult—not in Las Vegas ".

Paper topics may cover areas including, but not limited to: However, casino operators practice philanthropy in Las Vegas and across the country many are required to as a condition of their license, such as in Council Bluffs, IA.

This research work should result in arigorous paper which focuses on and analyzes a topic related to CSR,sustainability, corporate citizenship, or social impact managementissues.

Read more about his experience, and download the paper. Her challenge should be seriously considered within the casino industry. Her paper "Doing All the Right Things: She also calls on the industry to develop a more robust CSR program—one with a moral, rather than functional, approach.Research into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Ghana generally, has seen increased scholarly attention but same cannot be said of the specific area of CSR and International Business (IB), ironically though much of the data on CSR research comes from IBs.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Paper Awards. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability paper awardsare available to Columbia MBA students who are interested in researchwork connected to specific U.S.

or international companies ororganizations. Corporate social responsibility research: the importance of context. Of the research that does exist, a number of papers suggest that ‘country’ is a determinant for CSR involvement and for the level of disclosure, but do not go much further.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 11(1), 12– Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Performance, European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM), Stakeholder concept. 2 Introduction In addition, little research has been done in the area of Performance Measurement Adaption of SMEs.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR in MNCs, Strategic CSR, CSR and philanthropy How do the Turkish Media perceive Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns of private corporations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a widespread concept associated with the contribution of the business world in social progress and welfare.

CSR and Business Ethics

The third and final event in the PROJECT FUTURES three-city series ‘Human Rights in the Supply Chain: It’s Everybody’s Business’, couldn’t have Read More >.

Research papers csr
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