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During the s, the time of depression, the longshoremen struggle to earn an honest living and the skyscrapers in the distance such as the Empire State building remind the longshoremen of the American dream of wealth and opportunity which has escaped all but the most corrupt chiefs like Johnny Friendly and Mr Upstairs.

His increasing attachment to the pigeon Swiftly symbolises his obsession with loyalty, fidelity and commitment. However, he is uneasy and fidgety at the realisation that he betrayed his friend, who was, after all, seeking to uncover corruption.

His stance against the mob becomes a personal victory, whereby Terry abides by his conscience. His comments highlight the danger of breaking the deaf and dumb code of allegiance.

Since that time, he knows that he has always sold his honour to the mob and blames Charley. Despite his vulnerability, Father Barry also appears invincible as he delivers a stirring sermon which revolves around the theme of injustice.

This gives them moral superiority. It is a sign that betraying the mob ushers in death. As a result of their collective power, the waterfront is transformed. They get married, just like people.

That the men are psychologically entrapped by the perverted loyalty codes dooms them to a life of servitude and despair. Terry seeks revenge and yet Father Barry encourages him to fight with the truth.

The hawks symbolically represent Johnny Friendly and his gang. Some film techniques Kazan depicts Johnny Friendly and his gang in pseudo-business attire to draw attention to a certain air of respectability that defies and conceals the extent of their entrenched corruption.

Likewise, Terry, takes up the fight after he realises the degree to which he has compromised his integrity. It is designed to morally wound Terry. The stakes are high. Anyone who breaks the code or is suspected of dubious loyalty is unlikely to receive a work token.

Although the birds are eventually killed, Terry takes over their moral superiority when he summons the courage to confront the Union and remain true to Edie and Joey. Depicted as a Christ-like figure, Kazan shows that redemption, even for the antagonist, is possible. The pigeons symbolise the longshoremen who are trapped.

For example, there is a lot of white smoke in the background which appears like a halo around Terry, symbolizes his burst of honesty. Swiftly also shows that there is hierarchy among the pigeons as well. Work on the waterfront is inherently dangerous to those who seek to confront the corruption, deceit and lies that protect and entrench the power of Johnny Friendly and his cohort.

On the Waterfront by Elia Kazan

Blind obedience is the norm until the main characters, Edie, Terry and Father Barry start to influence and encourage those around them to agitate and seek change. For excellence in Language Analysis:See Sample Essay plans and models: Edie Doyle is by far the most powerful agent of change in ‘On the Waterfront.’ Do you agree?

Do you agree? The film ‘On the Waterfront’ directed by Eilia Kazan is set in ’s Hoboken, New Jersey and depicts the oppressive social environment of the post-depression period in the industrial waterfront. On The Waterfront Essays: OverOn The Waterfront Essays, On The Waterfront Term Papers, On The Waterfront Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Writing; Analysis of On the Waterfront Essay; Analysis of On the Waterfront Essay. Words 5 Pages. On the Waterfront is a film directed by Elia Kazan which illustrate the difficulties that the protagonist, Terry Malloy, has struggled in the early period of s.

Terry Malloy was a former prize-fighter who was bought up in a dark and. Below is an essay on "On The Waterfront" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

English Essay- ON THE WATERFRONT The film presents clear cut heroes and villains and a black and white view of morality. On the Waterfront is a classic, award-winning, controversial film directed by Elia Kazan.

This movie is part drama and part gangster film. The film is full of the. TOPIC: ‘Kazan uses a range of cinematic techniques to reveal the emotional and moral struggle of Terry Malloy’ ‘On the Waterfront’ is an, award winning film, directed by Elia Kazan, whose audience is faced with Terry’s moral dilemma and emotional battle, that forces them to think about their own beliefs about what loyalty, love and friendship mean.

On the waterfront film techniques essay writer
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