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Lotus eater somerset maugham was why I was curious to meet Thomas Wilson. Still, I could not prevent the little shiver that ran down my spine.

We had ordered our dinner beforehand. Once again, the story chilled me to the bone. We sat in the garden. I do not think, as far as I could gather, both from what my friend told me and afterwards from others, that he wanted courage.

As he passed us my friend stopped him. Enchanted by the island during his visit, he had made the decision during the intervening year to forgo working another twelve or thirteen years for his pension and Lotus eater somerset maugham to take his accumulated savings and purchase at once an annuity that would allow him to live simply on Capri for twenty-five years.

An image of the Virgin and priests, acolytes swinging censers, and a whole crowd of jolly, laughing, excited people, a lot of them all dressed up. It was included in the collection of Maugham stories The Mixture as Before. But when the time came to set out my friend was not feeling well, he thought he had slaved too long in the water, and would not face the long and tiring walk.

Wilson, his annuity exhausted, had first sold all that he owned; then he had relied on his excellent credit to borrow sums of the islanders to sustain himself; but at the end of a year after the expiration of his annuity, he could no longer even borrow.

He did not play very well. She treats him like a child. I ran across an Englishman there and asked him what it was all about. There was only one thing that bothered me: Not bad bathing, I thought.

There were only two small rooms, a tiny kitchen, and a lean-to in which firewood could be kept. He wore the blue shirt, open at the neck, and the grey canvas trousers, not as though they belonged to him, but as though, shipwrecked in his pyjamas, he had been fitted out with odd garments by compassionate strangers.

I wondered whether it was the thought of this, never quite absent from his mind, that gave him the peculiar zest with which he enjoyed every moment of the day. Then the church bell, rather cracked, but with a fine resonant note, began to ring. I lit a cigarette and went and sat down beside him.

He died last year.

Explain the character of Thomas Wilsom in Somerset Maugham's

At a critical point in his life he found that the public was losing interest in him as a playwright, so he decided to write novels and short stories and became just about the most famous writer in English-speaking countries, including America.

He took up his glass, but it was empty. He had gambled on being dead or ready to die when his annuity ran out, but ironically the soft, pleasurable life on Capri probably kept him alive longer than if he had spent twenty-five years working at a desk in cold, smoggy London.

He was of no use to anybody, but on the other hand he did nobody any harm. It was warm, yet invigorating. He laughed a good deal, but with restraint, and his sense of humour was tickled by simple jokes. I did not blame him.

Many of his short stories focus on a single unique character whom he presumably met in his travels. I liked the look of the place right away, from the sea, I mean, as I watched it come closer and closer; and then when we got into the little boats from the steamer and landed at the quay, with all that crowd of jabbering people who wanted to take your luggage, and the hotel touts, and the tumbledown houses on the Marina and the walk up to the hotel, and dining on the terrace - well, it just got me.

Twenty-five years seemed a long time to me, and twenty-five years of happiness seemed worth paying something pretty substantial for. It was difficult to know whether he understood or not. Soon, he is introduced to Wilson and the two spend a lot of time together, drinking and talking.

He had found the place on his first visit to Capri, and taking it on his return for good had been there ever since. It was pretty much the story my friend had told me, but it sounded different when I heard it from his own lips. There is a terrace that overlooks the Bay of Naples, and when the sun sinks slowly into the sea the island of Ischia is silhouetted against a blaze of splendour.

Wilson told me that the house belonged to the owner of the vineyard who lived in another collage higher up the hill, and his wife came in every day to do the rooms and the cooking. The get-up was picturesque, and very suitable to the place and the weather, but it did not at all go with his face.

He wisely realized that he needed to experience new characters and new settings. For the film, see The Lotus Eater film. Wilson, like a hunted animal, had made for safety. The British Consul in Naples had no funds to deal with the case. His landlord gave him notice to leave the house unless he paid up the arrears of rent before a certain date.The Lotus Eater by W.

Somerset Maugham. Increase Font Size Decrease Font Size. Most people, the vast majority in fact, lead the lives that circumstances have thrust upon them, and though some repine, looking upon themselves as round pegs in square holes, and think that if things had been different they might have made a much better showing.

“The Lotus Eater”: An analysis by Sommerset Maugham. Background • Lotus eater – a person who lives an idle, comfortable life, does not think/care very much about anything. • Setting - On the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. The places mentioned are the small, comfortable cottage Wilson lives in before the age of 60 as well as the.

The Lotus Eater is a short story written by Somerset Maugham in The story is set in and is of a man Thomas Wilson who comes to the island of Capri in Italy for a holiday.

Get an answer for 'Explain the character of Thomas Wilsom in Somerset Maugham's "The Lotus Eater."' and find homework help for other The Lotus Eater questions at eNotes. The Lotus Eater" is a short story written by W. Somerset Maugham in and loosely based on the life story of John Ellingham Brooks.

It was included in the. What is a good analysis of the short story "The Lotus Eater" by W. Somerset Maugham? What are the settings of the short story "The Lotus Eater" by W. Somerset Maugham?

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What is the summary of Lotus Eater by Somerset Maugham in detail? What is the significance of the title Lotus Eater by .

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