How sysprep works

Put the other rules in CustomSettings. Sets a self-signed certificate for the Remote Desktop server. TIP 1 Thanks T for the tip: Use the following settings for the New Task Sequence Wizard: The EC2Config service calls Sysprep by running the following command: MDT now generates a catalog file.

In fact, MDT detects that you added the Office Professional Plus x86 application and creates a shortcut for doing this. The basic purpose for Bootstrap.

Sysprep and Capture a Windows Image with MDT 2012

Create the application by running the following commands in an elevated PowerShell prompt: This setting retains the built-in Administrator account so that any customizations you made to that account are carried over to the new image.

Note You also can use the Unattend. Priority determines the order in which different sections are read. Connect to the UNC path of your deployment share. Without this option MDT will use Microsoft Update directly, which will increase deployment time and limit your options of controlling which updates are applied.

Some of these elements include: Open up your XML file you saved with notepad and remove the following line: Build the Windows 10 reference image Once you have created your task sequence, you are ready to create the Windows 10 reference image. Note When you run Sysprep with the EC2Config service, the system prevents drivers from being removed because the PersistAllDeviceInstalls setting is set to true by default.

Create a Windows 10 reference image

Controls the settings for user state backup. Choose the local and keyboard input Enter the proper credentials: It will look like this on Windows 8: The one thing that makes this different from other components is that.

Sysprep a Windows 7 Machine – Start to Finish V2

Sysprep can be configured to delete all user profiles, including the built-in Administrator profile. Skips the Applications pane. You do not need to use when building and capturing a reference image.

The system executes the following command: But sometimes you have a special configuration or application setup that is too time-consuming to automate. Also the location and file name is where you want the image to be created!

But we recommend that you use the Office Customization Tool as described in the following steps, as it provides a much richer way of controlling Office settings.

This file is located in the following directory, by default: Consider that some applications have unique GUIDs and need to be rearmed.I have read a lot of posts suggesting to "run sysprep" on a system.

I have done some looking around, but Microsoft's site is confusing at best.

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What is the purpose of sysprep? What does sysprep. Since MDT is out for a while now, I taught I'll create a post on how to capture a clean and configured OS (reference computer), so this can be deployed later to multiple machines on your network.

How to Sysprep & Capture a Windows 10 Image for Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

I will show you how to capture a Windows 7 and an XP system, especially XP because some problems occur on this one. It’ll be worth having a div into the sysprep logs on the install affected (how I originally found this) as SCCM can get stuck in a ‘sysprep loop’ where it errors out at some point in the process so keeps sysprepping it until it hits the limit.

Jun 14,  · Hi, We stil have an issue with sysprep. Registry key is already set to 7, and I'm not sure how to run the uninstall msdtc. Can anyone clear this up for me?

Cleaning the Windows Image before Sysprep during an SCCM B&C Task Sequence. Cleaning update caches and other junk before Sysprep was always a hurdle until now:).

This post will go over "How to Sysprep & Capture a Windows 10 Image for Windows Deployment Services (WDS)".

Cleaning the Windows Image before Sysprep during an SCCM B&C Task Sequence

I am going to assume that you have WDS up and.

How sysprep works
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