Essay on why the drinking age should stay the same

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It has been proven in many tests that people who drink at younger ages are more likely to become alcoholics. Trouble finding balance The debate about the drinking age is clearly very polarized, and there does not seem to be a happy medium in which both parties could be satisfied.

The age of adulthood, celebrated around the world, has a unique meaning in this country.

Parents need to be re-enfranchised, again involved in the process of teaching their children how to make informed, healthy decisions about alcohol and its use Choose Responsibility.

The implications for this seem staggering to some —a soldier is allowed to die for the country but not allowed to have a beer?

Ruepten says that if you treat people like children then they will act like children, but college-aged kids are going to act like children either way. Select network In the United States, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the minimum legal drinking age of Cite This Post This blog post is provided free of charge and we encourage you to use it for your research and writing.

Personal view The argument for lowering the drinking age is comprised of: MADD was founded by Candy Lightner when her daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident by a repeat offense drunk driver, and the 21 drinking age law was signed with the hope of curbing drinking by adolescents, especially ones behind the wheel.

John McCardell, founder of the initiative, said in a CBS interview that "[t]his is a law that is routinely evaded… It is a law that the people at whom it is directed believe is unjust and unfair and discriminatory. Instead of removing one of the most researched and supported policies in the alcohol control arsenal, we should seek to add to and improve this effort with increased enforcement, additional legislation, and efficacious interventions.

Should the Drinking Age Stay the Same Essay

These groups say that they would implement more education about alcohol in colleges across the country, and hope that if the secrecy of drinking was brought to light and talked about that students would become more responsible drinkers: Dean-Mooney is one of many MADD members who feel that college presidents in the future will have to clean up the mess of the ones who currently belong to the Amethyst Initiative.

Why would we go back? New Zealand drinking age decrease Saylor uses the example of New Zealand to illustrate her point. Saylor discusses many reasons why the drinking age should remain 21, but focuses on drinking-related traffic accidents: Argument against lower drinking age MADD, on the other hand, points out that the Amethyst Initiative is just looking for an easy way out of a difficult situation.

Not all college presidents, however, support the initiative. Besides the long-term consequences, binge drinking is associated with:Saylor discusses many reasons why the drinking age should remain 21, but focuses on drinking-related traffic accidents: “There is an extensively documented association between MLDA [Minimum Legal Drinking Age] 21 and decreased alcohol consumption, fewer alcohol-related problems, and reduced traffic accidents and fatalities” (p.

).5/5(2). Many college and university presidents disagree with the current legal drinking age and have come to the conclusion that outlawing alcohol to students under 21 makes the drinking problem worse!

The national drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18 because it would result in a decrease of binge drinking and allow for more supervised.

Lowering Drinking Age to 18 Essay - There has always been controversy as to whether the drinking age should be lower from 21 to a younger age, like Should the Drinking Age Stay the Same.

Madelene Radillo Enc / Research Paper Prof - Should the Drinking Age Stay the Same introduction. John Colagrande Many people use alcohol to “loosen themselves up” in anticipation of having sex with a new partner. Apr 26,  · Why The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered.

the drinking age has been going on for years now with people on both sides having strong points.

The side with. Why the Legal Drinking Age Should Go back down to 18 Again Essay - Did you know that the legal age for drinking alcohol was eighteen years of age until In the legal drinking age became twenty-one years of age.

Shouldn’t the legal consumption age amongst Americans be dropped to the permitted age of adulthood, eighteen years.

Essay on why the drinking age should stay the same
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