Essay on caring for the elderly

Old age complete the life pattern. The old people have spent all of their lives for their families. This pledge we make freely, fully understanding that these values will make us good humans and role models.

In addition to that, there are circumstances when the family is not able to take proper care of their elders. In such cases, I would suggest it is the government responsibility to pay for their expenses. It is ironical that however undesirable it is old age has to come.

They gave them values, courage and motivation to face all hardships. We gain experience as older people have a wealth of experience. It is unavoidable, unwelcomed and problem ridden phase of life.

In all cases, old people cannot be left alone. These people deserve equal rights and care either from their families or the government. It is the evening of life. And what lifestyle is given to them in the old home. Caring should not only be due to humanity however it should come from our heart.

Life is often about being taken care of. In my opinion it is a family responsibility, in the very first place to take care of their elders when they get old.

It has its own pleasures though different from the pleasures of youth. We learn a lot from taking care and spending time with them. It also enhances our quality of being humane as humanity also plays a crucial role in taking care of the elderly. We get to learn about morals, principles and value that we can develop on as we live on.

We are all compelled to face the pain and pleasures of life.

And to make it applicable, the government should keep checks on old homes, if the old people are getting proper care or not. After all, these individuals have paid taxes and support the government to run the state.

Their experience that life takes them through yields a lot of wisdom. Of course, it is not easy to take care but it is definitely hard to let someone we love slip away.

The old age is an integral part of human life. We get an insight into a set of rules and regulation which we can outline for ourselves as we live. It develops potential and renews our self-esteem. Such as, financial problems or the old one has no one left in the family.

Caring for the Elderly Essays

We can never understand how much it means to them to have someone by their side and care for them, however their eyes speaks of gratitude, love and happiness and it lifts their spirit.

So, when they get old and need moral and physical support, it is the family responsibility to stand beside them.3rd Prize at the Essay Competition: Caring for The Elderly. 3rd Prize at the Essay Competition organised by the Department of English and Communication.

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They are somebody’s parents and grandparents. Surely, caring for them can be hard and tiresome and very often people. Second prize in Essay Competition organised by the Department of English and Communication Riiguozenuo Suokhrie, AHS Caring for the elderly: a hindrance or an aid to self-development.

Elderly people need someone who has love for them, to get proper care. People, who don't want to be with them, just mistreat and neglect them. The elderly people need someone who loves their job. They don't need a person who hates coming to work.

You con give the elderly respect, privacy, and good /5(7). However, caring for the elderly at home is no longer the only option, and families have begun taking the old to nursing homes.

This is due to a number of reasons such as the aging of the family members providing the care as well as the increasing involvement of the Japanese women in formal training and employment. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Caring For Elderly Essay.

Essay on caring for the elderly
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