Essay about a visit to the orphanage

They started this Home with three children in their small house. Services for children and teenagers are also more organized, but it does not mean that the system in the U. First, I found out the differences between institutions that provide social services to children in Indonesia and the ones in the U.

A Light of Hope: Children in this orphanage mostly were born from mothers who are part of the red light district industry. I thought it would be like the other orphanages where homeless children are kept and not treated very well.

The walls of the home were old and the paint had worn off. An orphanage houses children of various ages who either have no family or have lost their families in natural calamities. Everyone had a great time and this event was a success.

The building was a villa, it looked very luxurious. Children sleep on mattresses on the floor, laying next to each other, in order to be able to accommodate more bodies. When they had no children of their own, the sufferings of homeless children evoked sympathy in their hearts.

This was a happy home for children, totally different from the kind of institutions which are badly run. The home usually has a care-taker who monitors the children of the orphanage and a few helpers to take care of the residents.

Visit to an Orphanage

The college-age young adults have the responsibility to provide some care for the younger children in the orphanage. They seemed to have a nice time with us. The upkeep and management of these large institutions call for the solution of many complex problems of varying components.

He often invites his patrons and donors to visit the Home. The inside of the orphanage was pretty clean, but we also needed to wipe the floor.

Perhaps in the future, these students are the ones that will think about new ways, new interventions that work. There were about fifty children, from little babies to boys and girls of 12 to 14 years. The orphanage was far from the downtown, we needed thirty minutes to get there by car.

The orphanage I visited, however, is considered a pretty good orphanage compared to some of the other ones that are run with less funding and staff resources.

It was on a late afternoon. This work used up much of my time. If there is such thing as a residential place for children and adolescents, they tend to be divided by its purpose.

We boarded a huge bus from our school to the destination and arrived at about My first visit was a quick one on one early morning about a month prior.

When I reached home, I ran straight to my mother and hugged her tight saying that I loved her very much and also my father.

Paragraph on Visit to an Orphanage- by Anand

His wife was living with the children, taking care of every bit of the organisation. It is run by a private funding and there is no governmental involvement or funding. I went over to a small girl, about 6 years of age, who was sitting at the corner of the room staring at the glass window.

Some of them were indulged in watching the television, some were sipping soup from their bowls, some girls were busy playing with their dolls and others were staring at us. Orphanage in the U. I am aware of the fact that this essay has not captured a comprehensive view of orphanage system in Indonesia, but only about the few ones in the city where I live.

On my second visit last week, which was also accompanied by the same friend who introduced me to the orphanage and accompanied me on the first visit, we took with us four students from the class that we co-teach together.When we entered the orphanage, what we saw was surprising.

There were around sixty to seventy feeble orphans standing around the main gate to welcome us. When we went inside, the manager greeted and showed us the whole orphanage. An orphanage is a place where happiness is not seen a lot of times. The children are emotionally unsecure and always look for solace through someone or something.

The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage. Well, I never visit an orphanage. But the orphanage visit my school. That, until I saw my seniors brings out candles, lanterns, and origami papers. “What is this for?” I asked.

And they said, it’s for garden party. With orphans. How does it feel after visiting an orphanage school? Preparing Your Family for an Orphanage Visit: Is Your Child Ready? C h e c klis t A d vic e f r o m T h e r a pis t s a n d E x p e rie n c e d P a r e n t s By Jean MacLeod An orphanage visit can be a beneficial event for an adoptee, providing a link to personal history.

A Visit to an Orphanage This is an essay written by one of my Chinese students, Linda Huang, currently in Grade 6. It was the May Day holiday, and I was so bored. A visit to an orphanage is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments.

I had an opportunity to visit an orphanage as my cousin was a volunteer for a local non-governmental organization and it was the occasion of The International Day of Service.

Essay about a visit to the orphanage
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