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234 words short essay on Science and Human Happiness

So the wise man, understanding the nature of desire, should see that desire is incapable of finding satisfaction. For instance, many of the students and office goers get awakened with the help of an alarm clock.

Science has invented a number of things for for human-beings. Happiness today would mean not only freedom from want and drudgery but also the positive feelings generated by a civilised existence in a comfortable and secure home embellished by varied means of entertainment. Principles of Human Happiness: One may feel surprised if one sees how modern factories and mills run and how their products are exported to every corner of the world.

But it could not be said that they were finding out a formula for human happiness in the Cavendish laboratory at Cambridge. People generally go to places of work by using one or the other vehicle. Three hundred years is a very short period in the life of humanity.

These include the atom bombs, the hydrogen bombs and other dangers that threaten the safety and security of our life.

An essay for IAS preparations on Science and Human Happiness

Everything which is constructed by using the material of natural resources and energy according to some known rules and laws is called Technology.

Electricity thus saves labor, time and money. While tuberculosis is completely curable, most kinds of cancer are amenable to treatment if detected sufficiently early. The factory goers learn about the factory time through the buzzing of a hooter.

Here science has failed - science has failed the scientists. For example, the invention of machinery and large scale production has resulted in insanitary living conditions, unfair distribution of wealth, strikes and unemployment. Television, Cinema and Compact discs have changed the entertainment industry for ever.

The most notable achievements of science are in the fields of agriculture, industry and medicine and surgery. They go round the globe in an hour and a few minutes.

Science and the Human Happiness

The meteor logical space-crafts forecast weather to near accuracy. This is because of the misuse of science.

Short Essay on Science

It has its boons, but also a bane. This structural and functional knowledge has made the man to discover the cure of many diseases by using the medicine or surgery. Science has helped us to fight against diseases.Article shared by.

Free sample essay on Science and Human ultimedescente.com is said that science is the religion of the modern age. It is so because science has revolutionized the modern life and exposed the centuries old beliefs and superstitions.

English Essay on "Science and Human Happiness" Science in the modem sense is hardly three centuries old and the problem of human happiness is as old as mankind. Three hundred years is a very short period in the life of humanity.

Science and Human Happiness. Essay No. There is no doubt that science has been the greatest boon to man so far. But the achievements of science have not come to man as a ripe apple falls in the lap of a man sitting under an apple tree.

Human happiness is not a static concept. It is an evolving concept. What was happiness for the primitive man dwelling in a cave and eating fruits and animal flesh would be regarded as a mere animal existence by modern man.

An Essay on the Science and Human Happiness. Article shared by. This is the list of popular books on Science and Human Happiness. Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Human Strengths by Dr.

Alan Carr. The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Eric Swanson, and.

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English essay on science and human happiness
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