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The increasing demand for both, low-cost and high-end cell phones underlines the fact that India has become the fastest growing mobile and telecommunication market in the world.

Apple Inc has retailed stores in 45 states out of the 50 states in the United States of America. In particular, there were technologies for jukebox software and there portable audio players but none thought to bring them together until Apple did so with the iPod.

These include Psychographic and behavioral segmentation. Most importantly, Apple Inc is run through a combination of great strategy, innovative marketing, exceptional products and excellent product style and design.

Apple Inc understands the need for market segmentation and thus operates in different market segments. It could also reduce the confidence of investors in the company reducing the demand for its shares, which will eventually lead to fall in price.

A lawsuit is another issue that threatens the bottom line of the company. First, Apple created co-operations with two telecommunication companies to bring its iPhones to the market. Together, these strategic partners, namely Vodafone and Bharti Airtel, held a market share of We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Plan for Apple Inc or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Apple Inc owes its recent success in the highly competitive computer industry to its situation, marketing strategy and product mix that have gone a long way market the Apple brand as leader of good quality and satisfactory experience.

As such, the company huge sums of money advertisements to create strong brands for its products, which go a long way to establish brand loyalty among its customers.

In addition, the company is also selling its products through third parties through the Internet, websites, iTunes and other online stores. This is a very good idea because they end up giving the customer what they want instead of making one product with too many features to try and satisfy everyone.

iPhone market share of shipments worldwide 2007-2018

You did not have to have a lot of technology-know-how to use the Apple iPod. The products come in different colors for those who like fancy colors. This could decrease the profits of the company. Customers need to be treated according to other specific needs. By selling directly to the end-users, the company understands the various needs of their customers and designs products that match their specifications and give the best value for their money.

Another market segment is based on geographical areas. Samsung has decided to shift focus to the component manufacturing sector. In a way it creates simpler phones because the users only have the features that they need and apply to their way of life.

Therefore, to remain competitive the firms have to set out new products that have improved features.

Apple Market Entry Strategy in India

Some of the variables in this segmentation method include usage rate, brand loyalty, sought benefits, readiness to buy, and user status. These process include using innovative communication technologies such as web based technologies to reach out to and educate its target customers on the strength and quality of its products.

With almost one billion inhabitants and an increasingly wealthy middle class, the country has been showing growing importance in the cell phone market. The company then builds a product around the experience accordingly. A recent case of a lawsuit is over the prices it charges on its e-books.

These behaviors include usage, attitudes, product knowledge and responses. In addition, the company has created a strong brand image. Technology companies are always at risk of infringing patent rights of other companies.

The thing that impressed me the most about the product and its development is that in a way it was a sustaining technology using technologies that already existed but no one thought to bring them together. The demographic market segmentation of Apple is successful in that the company develops products based on lifecycle, age, and occupation of the customers.

However, Apple company has experienced and competent leadership. It can store up to 1, songs that you can organize and play in the order that you like.

In all the market segments, Apple Inc has managed to remain competitive over the years. They argue that the profits made by the company may not be enough to handle a salary increase. The able leadership is one of the strengths of the company that has enabled it to remain profitable and competitive.

A wave of employees committing suicides in supplier factories and other concerns has made Apple respond to claims. The main tactic for achieving this marketing objective to remain consistent in promoting the high quality of its products through use of innovative technologies in the international communication platform such web based technologies McDonald and Keeganp Also, Vodafone agreed to sell the Apple iPhone in nine other countries than India.

Tim Cook is one of the most experienced managers among the fortune companies.Apple's Market Capitalization Essay Words 7 Pages Market capitalization is a popular metric for assessing the size of a company as a representation of the investing public's notion of the company's worth.

Jul 10,  · Why Apple Is a Great Marketer. Good marketing requires a willingness to cannibalize your offerings if you have a superior option to bring to market.

Apple in the Market Place essay

Apple has done this at this least twice. CONCLUSION Apple’s iPod is the market leader in digital United States (US); it holds about 76% of the market and 70% globally.

Init was the first digital music player to be integrated into an American increased the sales of iPod and profits of Apple in general. Apple's Digital Music Player Market Essay - Apple's Digital Music Player Market There are two main key issues when dealing with Apple's digital music player market.

The first issue consists of Apple maintaining its digital music player market share. With 8% market share, Apple stays to be fifth largest in worldwide PC market (Kahney, ). The company has recorded a total revenue of 42, million US Dollars during the financial year ended in Septembershowing an increase of.

Apple Target Market. Apple conducts all sorts of research to determine and identify their specific target markets to assist them in their marketing strategies to promote their wide range of products. To help them in this process, they need to analyse and break down the different markets into segmentation categories.

Apple market essay
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