An essay on martin luther king jr and malcolm x civil rights and the end of racial segregation in am

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

King understood this concept and used it to his advantage. He is now just another man sitting in jail writing a letter to the masses. Malcolm X was spirited in his views, often preaching to fellow prisoners, taking part in religious debates, and avidly worshipping the work of Elijah Muhammad.

There is another similarly between these towering personalities of Civil rights Movement. Unfortunately, for some, such as Malcolm X, this involved the use of violence, while others, such as King, favored the non-violent approach. Of the many African American leaders and authors of the sixties, they shared similar feelings towards the white run American society in which they lived.

The methods used and arguments made by Martin Luther King Jr. Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Essay - Part 2

Malcolm X implores his followers to take part in groups and politics as an alternative to violence and aggression when striving for social justice and civil rights.

He must take direct action. King calls for direct nonviolent action by the African American community. This is the message he is trying to convey with his title. Fathers of both were associated with equal rights movement in one way or the other.

So both these personalities were shaped in different environment and by different experiences. The approaches and philosophies of both of these men were greatly influenced by their passion for their religions. Malcolm X believes if African Americans achieved this goal, there would be no need for violence.

He is in jail for his direct nonviolent action and he is trying to engrain this philosophy into the minds of the black community with this title. Martin Luther King Jr. His political phrasing and word usage emboldens his followers, empowers his listeners to become informed and useful in their community whether it be socially or politically which will lead to a nonviolent resolution to social and civil injustices.

King never lost faith in the white community. King discusses social issues in regards to the nation as a whole in his letter. His was a worldview whereas Malcolm X views was narrowed down by his religious orientation.

Malcolm X, on the other hand, spent a great deal of his life invested in the Nation of Islam. Every letter has its point, its main idea, its chief reason for taking the time to put down thoughts into sentences, and then taking more time to mail those thoughts somewhere. King aimed at preaching non-violence and his target audience was both blacks and whites.

His roles as Muslim preacher always dominated his socio-political struggle for equality. The basic orientation of his equal-right ideology was religious primarily. Fighting with peace, protesting with nonviolence, is the most effective measure when pursuing social justice and civil rights.

Throughout the Letter from Birmingham Jail, King was able to develop his nonviolent message using his current location, his writing style, and the topic that he was writing about. They all blamed the whites for the racism which existed.

King titles his letter from a place, not to a person or to community of people. Both were matchless orators and propagated their message through commanding and influential speeches.

Martin Luther King jr. All three of those words are synonymous with nonviolence. In his Letter from Birmingham Jail and through his countless marches and speeches, he was able to show how nonviolence can be used to combat the social injustices taking place throughout the nation.

In contrast to Malcolm, Dr. King adopted the strategy of non-violence.Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were two individuals who not only helped the African-American plight during the Civil Rights Movement, but served as icons to the history of their race.

More about Essay on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and The Civil Rights Movement. Civil Rights and Martin. Voices of a Generation: Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

While both men emerged as prominent voices in the Civil Rights movement of the s, Martin Luther white passenger, which spurred the Montgomery bus boycott and other efforts to end segregation. Martin Luther King Jr.

and Malcolm X are two figures in our nation's history that left a profound impact on the matter of civil rights, not only for 4/4(1). Segregation: Martin Luther King Essay America was torn apart This memorial celebrates the life of one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights era, Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. and righteousness like a mighty stream." [pic] I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations.

Some of you. HIST Essay Question 2 Martin Luther King Jr. (1) One of the major civil rights leaders and was active in the movement during the s and s.

To some, such as MLK Jr. who preached of peace, X was the flip side of the civil rights movement. Malcolm X. Impact of Malcolm X on Civil Rights Essay In the 's, school racial segregation was widely accepted all over America. In most Southern states the law allowed it. the Montgomery Bus Boycott, to Selma, to the March on Washington.

During the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. captured the attention of the nation with his.

An essay on martin luther king jr and malcolm x civil rights and the end of racial segregation in am
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