An analysis of my dinner with andre a film by louis malle

In the Community second-season episode " Critical Film Studies ": This became a character based on Andre Gregory, but was not the real Andre. It is respected as a piece of art, but it is known more as the movie where two guys sit in a restaurant and talk for two hours.

Gregory and Winnie-the-Pooh Mr. Posted by aaronwest My Dinner With Andre has been on my radar for decades now. Each moment of our lives, then, should be a kind of prayerful sacrament. Despite his great talent for directing actors, Malle then undertook, as his filmmaking second act, a series of documentaries, notably the epic Phantom India and its devastating spin-off, Calcutta both They said that if they remade the film, they would swap the two characters to prove their point.

I wanted to destroy that guy that I played, to the extent that there was any of me there. However, once you get through the more arduous parts, it transforms into something special and is rewarding.

He punctuated these walks on the dark side with the dazzling proto-pop-art ode to the city of Paris Zazie dans le metro and the somewhat less successful romp Viva Maria!

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Happiness can be achieved within our routine. There were many people involved with the creation of the magazine. At one point when Wally asks a question, Andre chuckles. Is there any kind of literature or theatre that can do this without taking a dramatic trip?

I thought for a moment, and then answered, My Dinner with Andre. The deep and abiding value of this experience is that it forces Wally to think much more pointedly and critically about his own values and philosophical notions.

One of my favorite film books was Malle on Malle because he tells such amazing stories.

In it, a man and a woman, both naked, sit at a table eating eggs and discussing birds. It is in light of these considerations that I feel assured enough to term those interpretations mistaken. Whereas a group of meaningless facts that are collected and interpreted in a scientific way might quite possibly be relevant, because the wonderful thing about scientific theories of things is that they are based on experiments that can be repeated.

He has been shaken up. The above example is just one of many. Andre believes and argues that life should be lived in a spontaneous fashion, and that comforts that make one too sedentary should be discarded.

There are a few topics that become points of contention, and these two intellectuals hash out which is right. If there is a better distillation of the contemporary duality of humanity, then I am not aware of it.

The two continue to work together today. The fact that they even credited someone as directing it stuck me as pretty bizarre. As Andre is not our narrator, we do not see, even momentarily, the effect of the conversation on him; but we do not need to see it, for the effect on Wally and the effect on Andre are the same as the effect on the viewer.

Is Wally correct, or is he just a content robot? They need to be shaken up and given a jolt, but of course Wally sees going to the Himalayas and hanging out with Tibetans as overkill.

And we might do the same as the image fades to black.My Dinner With Andre almost closed after six weeks of lackluster box-office in New York, but Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel gave the film a rave review, and word of mouth picked up.

Six months later, it was still playing in New York and still opening around the country. Dec 01,  · Directed by Louis Malle Written by Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn Starring Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn, Jean Lenauer Do you like existentialism, men. My Dinner with André is in many ways the ultimate art-house movie: low budget, highly philosophical, and demanding an intellectual audience's unstinting attention.

Malle used two theater veterans, actor-playwright Wallace Shawn and director André Gregory, to play themselves, using a script based on their actual discussions. Sep 02,  · Wallace Shawn talking with Louis Malle about My Dinner With Andre.

This analysis essay takes a look at the classic My Dinner With Andre (Louis Malle, Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn) and finds its meaning in disagreement. The Gemsbok Articles on Literature, Games, Films, Philosophy. Oct 08,  · Thus begins Louis Malle's very funny, extremely special new film, ''My Dinner with Andre,'' which will be shown at Alice Tully Hall at the New York Film.

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An analysis of my dinner with andre a film by louis malle
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